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17th Nov 16 15:18
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Latest reports
14EriPal - Reporter of the Month
I'm in year 7 and I have made a load of friends.
My time at Catmose has been amazing. Below is going to tell you all about it :)
Below is going to tell you about my time at Catmose
This is going to tell you about my first day
my first few weeks at catmose.
Secondary school is awesome
my first day hear was like you are in a public shop but that is not me well all most so my first was good i loved it so much.
This challenge is a chance for students that excel in science and maths introduces them to engineering
I took part in a competition today
Our Year 10 Girls netball team win County Final
A video on the importance of competition
An interview with England Judo competitor, Mary Tomblin
I am going to explain what my first days at Catmose College have been like.
A BBC News School Report Project
My story for English homework
This is all about my first few weeks at Catmose College