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15th Jun 16 13:25
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Latest reports
I went on a great adventure at Center Parcs!!!
Blow the whistle on sunburn is a campaign urging young people to wear sun-cream when playing sport outside for long periods.
Leather shoes are absolutely fine to use
For and against on pets
I am going to be exploring the for and against arguments of using sniffer dogs. Some of the breeds used are: beagles, bloodhounds, collies, German shepherds, golden retrievers and Labradors.
All about animal cruelty.
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Should you use dogs for work?
All about animal
Are working dogs good or bad?
This is about the EU Refferendum. If you're not a very political person, this is perhaps not for you, however, it's worth reading. Although younger people don't have a say, it affects our future and so it's worth being aware. Enjoy!
A look back at some of my favourite memories from my time at Catmose
Interview with Maria Bertelli, Sky Sports Living for Sports Mentor
My movie review of the movie "You Again"