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26th Mar 12 23:13
Just want to say a massive well done to the S1 film makers for some great mini movies. It has been pretty chaotic getting everything done on time. Looking forward to a bit of debating after the holi...
1st Feb 12 17:53
Last weekend crazy kids got up to interesting things. We had to either watch or read something that we found interesting! There were things that ranged from football to firemen. Ry han read about the ...
1st Feb 12 16:38
The 1st Year English department have certainly had a busy weekend with everything from watching spinning bullets to doing Egyptian makeovers filling their diaries! While Lopo read about how
2nd Feb 12 16:57
This week, the English class read, watched or listened to something interesting. They were then interviewed by fellow pupils. Everything from the Olympic Games to a man sailing across a lake in a boun...
2nd Feb 12 18:35
It has been a very random weekend for S1 from the Olympics to the worlds largest rubber band ball!Last week Mr Cooper sent his awesome class a task to read, watch or listen to something non-ficti
2nd Feb 12 18:56
As Mr Coopers S1 English class share some interesting facts, we hear about everything from football to firemen, and from devastating tsunamis to the first tweets of Mr C!Now, I had found out
2nd Feb 12 19:29
At the weekend Annan Academy first years had to find out about something new and interesting. Spotty Elephant read Guinness World Records 2012 and found out that the longest tennis match lasted 1
This is our law...
A video about bullying
Under 17s should be allowed free public transport
We believe that bullying in school is a crime and should be treated as such.
We believe that drivers should have to take regular medicals and eye tests to ensure that they are fit to drive.
Our law is simple: No More War
We think that bullying in school should be a criminal offence.
S1 Big Weekend
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22nd Jun 11 10:19
This is what I think about Annan academy. First I'll start with the food. The food here is so much better than primary school and they sell sandwiches like subways and they are my favourite food. Now ...
22nd Jun 11 10:19
My experience at Annan Academy has been great so far. I've made new friends and I am finding my way around the school okay. There are sixth year guides to help all of us around the school. The academy
22nd Jun 11 10:20
The time has finally arrived for my first few days of S1! It's been great meeting all of my new teachers and classmates. I have not yet completed my three days of the academy however it will be the la...
22nd Jun 11 10:20
On my first day at Annan Academy I was very nervous but also excited too. Some of my teachers weren't in so we had to have supply teachers instead. I had geography and I had to have a supply teac
22nd Jun 11 10:22
On my first full day I was introduced to my superb classrooms like the music room where my group had lots of fun playing the drums. Personally didn't play them though.My favourite class was English be...
22nd Jun 11 17:19
Academy so far has been great. It was a lot more different than I had expected. Of course, I was prepared to move from class to class, but that's not all. Academy is much more fun than primary (no off...
22nd Jun 11 10:19
Hey all, I'm on my second full induction day in Annan Academy and I'm loving it. I'm now in English with my mates. So glad I'm with some of them. I'm looking forward to next term when I come for real,...
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