26th Apr 13 20:22
I haven't really done a blog in a while because I've run out of ideas, so I thought to do one about bullying. First of all bullying is not a nice thing to do because your only making the victim feel s...
17th Apr 13 07:58
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26th Mar 13 19:43
Snow! Heyya! My friends were saying the other day " Why does it have to snow in Spring" I think it's ace!!! I hate sledging and snowballs but I love walking in snow. Year 7 has flown past and I'd like...
14th Mar 13 16:23
Pi Pi Mathematical Pi song(sorry it's American)
27th Feb 13 12:35
I love playing minecraft it is the best game ever!! I made this bottomless pit yesterday. So I went to find my house, I found it and then I lost where I put my bottomless pit.
26th Feb 13 17:09
Since Mother's day is soon arriving I thought to do a blog about it. In this blog I will be explaining the real term of Mother's Day. Mother's day is about saying thank you to your mums for what
13th Feb 13 12:58
a singing band
13th Feb 13 12:51
Joseph and his amazing technicolour dreamcoat is great fun to do. I am in it as a choir person and I'm the angel. It is a superb production and I think that it is great for people of all ages.
30th Jan 13 12:54
i have just got a kizi account
30th Jan 13 12:47
fold a square piece of paper in halffold it in to quartersfold the top left corner to the end of the first quarterrepeat on the other endfold the triangle insideunfold the edg