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What is your favourite colour?
A sneak peek at the Art exams
In this part of my arts award gold course, I had to explore a new arts area; I needed to gain a skill, style and genre which were new to myself.
Should teachers have to wait in the queue like the students?
Graffiti in Art, a sixth form article, makes the Radiowaves home page!
There are so many art stars that surround us in our everyday life. In lessons we study them, reflect on their work and aim to achieve something of their standard, so here are a few famous faces to inspire you and your work!
What is art? Is it something we find aesthetically pleasing or is it something we find intellectually compatible? Is it a physical object, a metaphor or something with a deep and strong meaning.
A-Level students, submit your Artwork!
The Mayor and Mr.McCallion visit local exhibition
The Art Department's future?
Year 11 Art & Design Students used the outside environment to inspire their work.
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