16th Jul 12 13:49
I walked into the room and there it was sitting on the sofa! The crate padloked closed painted black. Shapes triangular. The mysterouis box was very heavy and has been closed for years .
16th Jul 12 12:13
The chest is old, and it smells like chocalate. When you tuch it is smooth and bumpey where the cest opens. It might have stuff in it. It is loked nowone can get in it. Euveywone ges dizzy tring to g...
16th Jul 12 12:10
The treasure chest is a chest I’ve never seen before ,it must be rare! It also look’s new because shiny and clean. It has a very strong liquish smell probably because it’s made out leather and becau...
16th Jul 12 12:06
When I got on stage I was quite scared was a good experience and was a good laugh. My favourite part was when Darcy brown shot a human that had must of hurt! It was also funny when the anouser asked i...
16th Jul 12 12:05
There was a fab heart. you can open the door with it. It’s very hard and a little bit soft. It was clourfull and sparkly. It was tiny or big. It made out of metle and it’s is siver. The first bit mig...
16th Jul 12 12:02
It was very cool and awesome because of the really detail character in there costumes.It was really funny because of the songs and there actions for the songs.My favourite part was when peop
16th Jul 12 11:55
THE PLAY WAS REALLY amazing,funny and outstanding in so many ways.ALL The children who acted as characters Tried their hardest to act in front of so many children and adults.In my opinion I think all ...
16th Jul 12 11:47
In the play all the people were a bit nerves and scared. In the play India was a villager and Danielle was a black bear. It was happy and a bit sad, sad because people did not have food and happy beca...
16th Jul 12 11:42
As walked along the room I saw a mysterious box. My heart started beating faster than ever. It’s like it is clawed everywhere, also it’s nailed like it was broken .The box must be adventurous also sme
16th Jul 12 11:42
Being in the play was a big expereance for us there was a couple of mistakes but we just kept on going and took no notest of it. people did solos i was one of them people and i cheered her on along th