This week has been our Spring Term Creative Week and we have been focusing on Art and Design and Technology. Each Year group has been studying a continent and looking at a variety of countries. Year 3 have chosen Asia and concentrated on Japan, Year 4 Eur
Year 4 performed an Assembly about the Romans.
Year 4 interviewed Neil from Cornelius & Jones Productions about The Odyssey
On Friday, Neil & Sue from Cornelius & Jones Productions came into BVS to perform Sir Gawain & the Loathly Lady to the whole school. Later Sue worked with Year 3 showing them how to make puppets. Nicole Henley & Dylan Verity-Winn from Year 3 took the opp
Tune and listen to Back in Time BearWaves style. Written and performed by Nathan Bramble, Ellen Chadwick, Francesca Cozza, Matthew York, Adrian Stainthorp, Oliver Smith, Joe Grisley, Alana Bradshaw, Chelsea Adam and Haydn Abbott.
Listen to exerts from a diary of a World War II evacuee written by Daniel Bradshaw, read and recorded by Daniel, ably assisted by Jay Roberts
Our BVS BearWaves reporter, Ellen Chadwick, enters the lion's den to interview Henry Vlll. She is later joined by Anne of Cleves. Needless to say, the interview becomes somewhat menacing! Episode 2 is recorded at BVS Studios. Henry is on his death bed
Year 6 are currently studying Life During the World War ll Blitz. Listen to some of our Evacuee Diaries to get a flavour of the loss, lonliness, and total disorientation felt by the children evacuated out of war torn London during the early 1940s.
Year 4 have been learning all about the Ancient Greeks. Rebecca McCullagh, Asly Mohamed, Jamie Nichols, Abigail Phillips, Robert McDowell, Carl Bryant, Sam Farrow, Tegen Elliott and Rebecca Smythe have produced some very dramatic plays based on the events