21st May 13 14:59
I love the voice because my hero jessie j is on it and I watch it all the time .So if u are not watch it you better start because it is COOL :)
19th Jul 12 18:12
Change is a big word, it does not have many letters in it but it can mean big things to people!It can be moving house, decorating a room or going from primary to secondary school, which is what y
19th Jul 12 18:01
BrilliantExellentDefanatley amazingFabulousOur country's best schoolReally goodDefinatley the best school ever!
21st Mar 12 15:58
My mum is my hero because she buys me everything and is always there for me when I need her .
14th Mar 12 08:02
You gotta move itTo prove it.Move it to prove it.In the planeOn the trainTake a tripOn a shipYou gotta move itTo prove itMove itTo prov
25th Feb 12 19:59
I love lions there great.There are 4 types of lions living on earthBarbery,African,Asiatic and WhiteThey are the second biggest cat on earthTHEY DON'T LIVE IN
20th Jan 12 15:59
happy new year
18th Jan 12 17:58
welcome to my song blog listen to this music if you like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6th Jan 12 14:18
Radiowaves:is great for chatting to friends and finding new ones hope you enjoy radiowaves!
16th Dec 11 17:35
Hi, I am djrabit and I love school, I love to play outside and I love to play football and I am good at art and drawing pictures of objects and people. The thing I like most is eating chocolate, spen...