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09Sriggsp's Silver Arts Award
For this Challenge, I am going to teach myself a scale a day for One week.
Here are the reviews of Unit 2
Research into musicians and music organisations
09Sriggsp's Silver Arts Blogs
30th May 12 21:09
My Blog Text
8th May 12 13:23
For my Arts Award Part C, I had to go and witness an arts event. For this I decided to go and watch the string group qualifying concert.Review before event;I think that the concert will be v
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Reporters In Action
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From the blogosphere
1st Mar 13 12:46
Over the weekend I was scrolling through the Youtube trends, I saw a video, I clicked on it and it was all about coding. Now you may be thinking, 'oh codes, computers... How boring!'But the
Midsummer Night's Dream
The Very Best of HIGHlife
On 8th July 2010, students of Beverley High School went head to head to try to win the title of Sports Day winner!
Art students create videos inspired by Phillip Larkin's poem, 'Toads'.
In July, High Life reporters knocked on the door of 10 Downing Street to deliver a petition campaigning for universal primary education by 2015. Find out what happened here...
Updated - with photos! In January 2010, as part of our preparations for the BBC School report newsday, we sent our intrepid reporters into Norwood House in search of the ghost which roams its corridors...
See the highlights from the final day of the school year.
Beverley and Holderness MP Graham Stuart was in school recently to witness some of the activities that made up International Day. Our reporters grabbed the chance to get this exclusive interview...
In November 2009, History students visited the Somme Battlefields. A year on, pupils have discussed what they can remember about the trip to make a special report for Remembrance Day 2010.
Recently, as part of the Dreams2012 initiative, C-Media Productions arranged a four-day art/media project in the Art Department. Here's a sample of the students' work...
A video in which the students discuss their work