Athletics Season Is Underway!

In the majority of my blogs I haven't spoke about the thing that means the most to me which is athletics but I thought seeing as the season is well and truly under way I thought now would be as gooder time as any!
Now when I look at my calender I have races coming out of my ears but the most important to me is the Young Athletes League (YAL) which is like a league and each time you compete you have two athletics from each club for each event. There are quite a few meets and you gain points for your club. At the end of the year the points are added up and the club with the most wins- simple :)
There is such a great atmosphere at all the meets and all the other athletes are really nice and also you don't compete against the same people each time because theres different clubs at each meet.
If anyone's interested in athletics then definately join a club because i guarantee you won't look back !
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