18/2/2010 Shelley Alexander Visits S2R!

Today we had a visit from Shelley Alexander from the BBC. The assistant editor of football focus and Outreach Manager of the BBC gave us some advice on how to improve our skills. We watched a few videos from football focus and learned a few interesting techniques that can help make a better piece. I learned that making some kind of relationship with the interviewee before an interview help them to relax, humour also has the same effect so try not to be too formal in an interview. The most usefull thing I learned was that when you are out recording things for your video... RECORD EVERYTHING!!! It's better to be over prepared than under. Putting a play on words in your title attracts people, making them want to watch it. More good advice is to use your surroundings in your video, for example use newspaper headlines to grab attention. Thats pretty much my day so far...
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