How to be eco friendly

1.Don't Drop Your Litter

2.Don't Be cruel to animals, nature etc.

3.Respect everything

4.If you see litter pick it up

5.Go to the dump and put all your rubbish in there

6.Reduce, reuse and recycle

7.Put apple cores, banana skins etc

8.Don't throw away your poly bags because that could be you killing an animal

9.if your dad has beers and you have those circle plastic things cut them up and put them in the bin!

10.Recycle your cloths

Tanshall school went litter piking round the local area. I was really shocked because we found a mop,a projector,a computer,a football,2 jackets and a football ahhhhhhhhh i was so ANGRY

so please pick up litter

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