Much Wenlock and the Olympics

A quiet Shropshire town has big connections to the Olympics. I will be going down there to report on an event related to the Olympics, but we're not allowed to know what it is until the actual day!
Much Wenlock is apparantly the Village where the modern Olympic games were born, when in 1850 William Penny Brooks introduced Physical Education into British schools. This inspired the fore-runner of the modern Olympic Games. Although the Olympic games is held in a different place every 4 years, Much Wenlock still has its own Olympic Games every July! This year will be the 124th edition of the Much Wenlock Olympic Games, and there will be sports such as Archery, Athletics, Cricket, Fencing, Volleyball, a 7 Mile road race (I wonder if I can enter that...?), and many other sports.

It all sounds very exciting and I can't wait to go to this event this week!
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