I've moved (accounts)!

For the past three years i've been using my well known Radiowaves account, Lewis-Phillips. When i was promoted to publisher, i had to make myself a second publisher account, Lewis_Phillips.

As the years have passed, i've been using my publisher account far more than my reporter account, but didn't want to abandon my reporter account because of all my stories, blogs, wonderful comments, hundreds of friends and associations with other projects. I'm now in the difficult position where Radiowaves has introduced so many brilliant features which i can use as a publisher, that it would be impractical to be switching between my two accounts all the time.

So, the time has come where i'm going to have to say goodbye to my old account and start afresh on this account. I'll be leaving behind a lot of comments, approved friends, and some stories & blogs which haven't pulled through, but i'll keep it online so they don't just disappear.

Please, send me a new friend request, and drop me a comment.

This is my new home on Radiowaves!

Lewis :-)
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