My random blog.

Hey I watched twilight last night and when I see something shiny I now scream or say EDWARD. If I see the word vampire I scream EDWARD but if I see something red eyed I will scream JAMES,VICTORIA,LAURUNT AHHHHHHHHH.

I also watched 5 minutes of the Liverpool game last night and I got bored so I went up stairs to sing. I was singing katy Perry,possibility,and blah blah blah(that is a song blah blah blah)

Okay that's my blog and I just want to say that TEAM EDWARD RULES . SORRY TEAM JACOB I DONT LIKE DOGS ESPECALLY CHIWAWAS. VAPIRES SUCK RULES(its a film and is making fun of twilight) ITS HILAREOUSE!!!!!LOL HAHAHA
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