21st October 2010

A friendship poem

F-ellings are kind to share which is bad or good
R-eal friends try to help your problems
I-n the future you might bump into you old friends and talk about your old friendship an try to keep in contact
E-ever think that you are losing your friendship with people you have not be keeping in contact well you should never think that
N-ever lose your cofidance of keeping in contact
D-ont let your feelings knock your friendship down
S-o you may think that you have no friendship with people you have never seen i ages you do once you make a friend you never lose them
H-ours are going in bye waiting on your friend you are getting tired of waiting then your friend apeares thats real friendship
I-n you (youve got a friend in them )
P-ushing you way to the crowd you and your friend laugh out loud thats what you call real friendship and remember you got a friend in me
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hazel says...
thats what friens are for...
21 May 11
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