Riversdale first school to get Safe Certificates

Our teachers from Riversdale, called The mole to tell her that we have completed are Safe levels. Level one and Level two. The mole responded really amazed. She said that we are really organized that they haven’t even put the link up for the badges. We were all so amazed that we were the first school in the whole world to get our Safe Certificates. Since they didn’t make the link we have to wait until the end of half term to get our badges. We all can’t wait until we get our Safe badges and we are looking forward to it. I bet, that if you were the first school in the world to get your Safe Certificates you will be as happy as our school, and I guarantee that and that’s no joke! Are teachers names on Radiowaves are Wendy Elf and Amyjamjam if you were wandering, and I hope you were. Thank you for reading!!!!!!!!!!!! Year six are having a great year, and we all love Radiowaves and so do I.
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