Halloween story part one!!!

One dark and gloomy night, when the wind was howling and thunder was booming, Sally rolled over in her bed and tried to get to sleep. Now Sally was a small girl aged nine and three quarters. She had hair like stiff straw and eyes like pools of melted emeralds. Any way she was lying in bed, debating whether or not to go downstairs when she heard a knocking at the door of the church. Sally lived next to the church so she was used to hearing the great brass doorknocker, but in the middle of the night? You would have to be crazy to do that! But Sally was a brave and inquisitive girl so she decided to go and see who had come knocking on the door of the church door late at night.
When Sally got outside she started to realize that she should have got dressed before she had gone out because it was freezing! But there was no time for going back so Sally just wrapped her fluffy dressing gown tighter around her and continued on into the darkness.
After a freezing walk through the wind and the rain Sally finally reached the church. She reached out a trembling hand and grasped the huge doorknocker in her blue hand. Taking a deep breath she pushed on the door. It creaked slowly open and standing there in the gloom was...

Sorry folks but that's the end of part one. Read part two to find out who (or what) was standing behind that door...
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