Halloween story part 2!!!

...no one! Sally crept slowly down the dark and gloomy corridor until she came to a suit of armor. She peered closely and to her utmost astonishment the suit of armor jumped quickly backwards in surprise!!! Sally approached it and it shrunk away from her into the corner!
"Whats the matter?" asked Sally feeling quite stupid to be talking to a suit of armor.
"I'm not what you think you are" whispered the suit of armor.
"What are you then?" said Sally, starting to get irritated.
"I am a ghost!" said the ghost dramatically, flying out of the suit of armor. Sally stared at him, unimpressed.
"Why were you hiding away from me?" said Sally.The ghost blushed (well he blushed as much as a ghost could blush)!
"Weeeelllllll..." he began.
"Yesss..." said Sally
"I thought you might have been my mum" the ghost mumbled.
"Why would you be scared of your mum?" Sally asked.
"Well...she knows what I'm hiding.
"What are you hiding? enquired Sally.
"C'mon" said the ghost."I'll show you". And so the ghost lead Sally down another dark corridor into the gloom...

Sorry everyone but that's the end of part two. Wait 'till part three to find out where Sally goes next...
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