Halloween story part 4

...as it touched Sally she was closing her eyes but nothing happened! Instead of being burned to a crisp she was standing there, perfectly fine! The ghost was standing next to her, amusement dancing in his spooky eyes. Sally blushed bright scarlet.
"I forgot to tell you that Cuddlekins is a ghost dragon!" he chuckled.
"Well you should have told me!" said Sally indignantly. Just then she spotted a huge clock on the opposite wall. It was 9'o clock in the morning!!!
"Nice to meet you Mr ghost but I need to be going now my parents will be worried about me" said Sally.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you" said the ghost "And call me ghosty by the way". Sally looked at him suspiciously but his pale face gave nothing away. Sally turned round and pelted through the darkness past the suit of armour where the ghost had been hiding in until she got to the great big oak door. Sally flung the door open and right there was a huge palm tree with white sand around it! She looked around and saw several early morning sw immers in the SEA! Sally stepped back inside, panting for breath and telling herself it was all a nightmare...
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