Quickly have a look!

This is the new news on Pink star and Rangers 2010

1. We need more votes on Coming soon. Because we're doing what genre you'd LIKE to be the new and pink star's 100th story.

2. Pink-star* almost has 100 stories

3. Pink star needs to finish her west African tale from last year! O_o

4. Pink star has done a anti-bullying blog.

5. Pink star can't do any stories, because she's waiting to start and finish her 100th one.

6. Rangers 2010 is making a new story on what happens in the poll.

7. Pink star and rangers 2010 have changed their minds and pink star is doing the 1st highest vote, and rangers 2010 is doing the 2nd highest vote.

8. 2 stories will be coming out made by rangers 2010 and pink star.

That's all this week!
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