Halloween story part 6!!!

...a withered old hand! Just then it reached out and grabbed Sally's wrist. Sally panicked and yelled for help. Seeing the trouble she was in the ghost grabbed a can of spray and posed himself to squirt it at the hand.
"Don't move!" the ghost shouted. Sally froze and the ghost sprayed the hand. Horrible scabs started creeping up the hand and Sally screamed in terror.
"Had to do that" the ghost mumbled but Sally saw he was paler then usual. "Well the main thing is that it has released you." And so it had. Sally was panting an she sat down shivering in the corner like a cowering mouse.
"We've got to get started on turning you into a ghost" said the ghost, trying not to sound too impatient.
"Will...will I be able to turn back into a human?" stuttered Sally
"Yes, I think so" said the ghost. Sally breathe a huge sigh of relief. The ghost led Sally on to a mysterious machine that was standing in the corner. Sally hadn't noticed it before. The ghost grabbed a funnel and pulled. It came out on a length of rubber piping.
"Don't wriggle or it will hurt" he warned. Sally gulped but nodded. The ghost prepared to push the pipe onto her skin. Sally closed her eyes and braced herself...

We come to the end of part six but I hope you will join me in part six of 'Halloween story'...
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