Halloween story part 7!!!

...as the funnel touched her, Sally felt pain like fire stab through her. It seized her and made her feel like she was being pulled in all different directions. Then, as suddenly as it had started, it was over. Sally was left standing, but she looked translucent and then it hit her that she really must be a ghost! Sally stared down at her self in awe and spotted that she was floating a few feet off the ground. The ghost was watching her every move and he let out a soft chuckle at the sight of her flabbergasted face.
"Come through the wall, it's much quicker" called the ghost, gliding through the nearest. Sally stared at the wall. It looked awfully solid to her. Sally gritted her teeth and glided right through the wall. She was amazed to find that she was already in the cave that held 'Cuddlekins'.
"Get on him then" said the ghost, before hoisting her up on to the warty dragon. "You will visit me again?" he asked. Never in a million years thought Sally but she decided not to say it out loud, instead making an odd sort of mumbling noise.
"Aren't you coming?" asked, Sally nervously, dreading the answer.
"No. Just remember not to let go." And without warning, the dragon spread out his wings and flew up into the bright, glistening sky. Sally whooped with joy as she oared higher then the birds. After half a hour, even Sally had to admit that some of the fun was wearing off. As they got higher Sally was sure she could hear spine-tingling voices muttering 'kill' and 'death'. Finally they landed outside Sally's house and Sally had never been so pleased to see it in her life. Following the instructions the ghost gave her she pressed the funnel against her skin. this time she felt no pain as she transformed back into solid human. Sally ran inside her house and was greeted warmly by her mother and father. But she never forgot the Halloween when she turned into a ghost.
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