Can everyone believe it! Coming soon is the day that every single person has been waiting for. It is the magical day and so one will miss it. People who miss the day say that is the last day they will ever live because they wanted to be up on that day. This day is so special that the world would die without it. It is not all fun but when it is it is really fun. Everyone loves this day and remember it every year it comes. The day has come that is called, Christmas Day! Everyone come and celebrate!

Every day we get closer and closer to the day that only comes once a year. It always comes in December. The date is on the twenty fifth of December that is really close from now. Two days ago it was eight days ago, a day ago it was seven days ago and now it is six days ago. Not long to go till it is Christmas! Can everyone wait; I can't so don't tempt me! Hope we will get to the actual day were we can celebrate Christmas!
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