I know that some appliances need batteries and they need to be inserted correctly for the appliance to work.
What are batteries?
Batteries store electricity for appliances
that you can not or do not want to plug in.

Batteries can be put in and taken out of

Batteries can “run out” of electricity.

Some batteries can be recharged (refilled) with electricity.

Batteries can come in different colours, shapes and sizes …
Each appliance has to have the correct battery to work properly.
+ and -
The + and – signs help you to know which way the battery should be inserted.
If a battery is not put in correctly then the appliance will not work!!!
A torch is a useful kind of light . It uses
electricity to make light. A torch gets its
electricity from batteries . Most torches
have two batteries. All torches have a
small bulb and a switch. When you
press the switch of a torch electricity flows from the
batteries . The electricity flows
along thin strips of metal to the bulb. It
Makes the bulb light up. Then the electricity goes back into the two batteries .
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