My weekend

On Friday I did my homework it was easy. I built a lego model it was about 60 centimeters wide and 12 centimeters tall. It was cool. I played the Wii with my sister Megan, we p[layed Mariogalaxy 2 it is hard.
On Saturday we played Mariogalaxy 2 again before we went to my Grandads house. It was his birthday on Friday he was 66. I helped him to repair his shed as the wind had damaged it. I used a power screwdriver to help him.
On Sunday I called on Sean Ryder we played his X box we played lego Indiana Jones 2, it was so cool. After that I played with my sister and her friends, we payed an Indian game. I was the evil chief who wanted to take over the world.
aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it's Monday
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