Trip To Waitrose...

On the 10th of February 2011... 8s3 maths class went to Waitrose in Esher because we were doing a survey about Waitrose asking questions such as, is the customer service good... And did you drive to Waitrose?
We went with 6 members of staff, there was... Mr Palfrey, Miss Valentine, Miss Cooper, Mr Leach and some teacher assistants.
We were put into groups of 3, I was with Millie Pinnick and Jessica Stewart and our teacher was Miss Cooper. Millie and I had been on the Media team before hand so we had to use our knowledge and use the MP3 to ask the public questions.
We went to Waitrose as part of our Radiowaves project were doing with Miss Valentine, this was the Data handling part of the project.
We went on the mini bus and we were driven by Miss Davies, I sat next to Millie and Jess M. on the way there and Millie on the way back.
We got to Waitrose at about 2.20pm and got back to school at 3.00pm just in time for the buses.
We were asking the public with with the MP3 and the other group was asking the managers with the Video recorder.
Overall I REALLY enjoyed the trip to Waitrose and we had a laugh!
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