My weekend

On Friday I played with Josh we played the play station 3 we played modern warfare black ops it was hard I lost 18 times and won 0.After that I walked back from Josh's it took 5 minutes. I played on the computer, I played Frontline Defence 2, it is easy up to level 9 and then it gets hard.

On Saturday I played with Josh we played modern warfare 2 it was OK I still lost :(. I stay at Josh's for the night we stayed up until midnight playing wrestling on the ps 3, it was hard but we won as a tagteam.

On Sunday I woke up at 6.00 and Josh was still sleeping. I waited for Josh to wake up but I had to wait for 2hours and then he wo up. I thought ho because he woke up, we played wrestling not on the ps 3 but for real he is hard but I am too! When we got up we had breakfast it was good. Then we played wrestling again but it was 2 verse one, because his little 3 year old brother Reese joined Josh' team.

oh no it is Monday again :( only joking ;).
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