The Best And Funniest Show Ever!

On Sunday the 13th of Febuary me and my mum went to Glasgow to see Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour at the SECC. We left at 1:00pm and got there about 2:00pm. Not at the SECC but in the city center. First we went for something to eat. We had a chinese and it was really good. For my starter I had spring rolls and for my main I had sweet and sour chicken and a big plate of noodles and I ate it all. After we had finished our meal we went for a look round the shops.
When we got to the SECC we parked the car and walked to the SECC. We got inside. And boy was it big. We got something to eat and drink and sat down. We got in line and after about 5 or 10 minutes we got to go in. The arena is really big. And the seane was amazing. It was about 45 minutes before the show started. I can't remember who was in it so don't bother asking me. The judjes were Craig Reviel Horwood,Len Goodman and Brono Tolioni. Me and my mum thing that they were a bit drunk because they were being so silly! It was deffinatly the best show I've ever seen!
By Emmzy2700
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