My day with S2R at the Tottnham stadium

On Friday of the half term, I went to the Tottenham Hotspur stadium. We all had to catch a train from the station to get to London. After that we had to catch a second train to get to white heart lane, where the stadium is. There we were led on a tour of the huge building where we saw the Tottenham hall of fame (which showed us famous footballers that had played for Tottenham), one of the boxes, the pitch, the trophy cabinet, the changing room for the away team, and finally the place where the reporters would interview the managers of the home and away teams. When we went round we were told all about Tottenham, and we learnt a lot. After that some of us interviewed Jules (who was the person who took us round on a tour) and some of us asked her a couple of questions. After that we started heading back. We caught a couple of trains and then a taxi all the way back to the Stanway school where we edited our audio and typed up our blogs. I really enjoyed the day.
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