Space,Time and the Creation of the Universe......

The universe is big with 1,000 planets yet not discovered. There are also 1,000 constellations such as the constellation of Orien. Earth is just one of nine planets that orbit a star called the sun, this galaxy is known as the solar system or the less flattering milky way. The solar system is made up of nine planets and one dwarf planet. The order is Mercury ,Venus,Earth,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune,dwarf planet Pluto and the goldilocks planet. There are also asteroids, Meteors and comets crashing into planets all the time!

When a star dies the death off the star is called a black hole if a space shuttle goes near one the space shuttle is gone never to be seen again... Asteroids are planets that have been out there since the dawn off time. But how was the universe created? Thousands of years ago the universe was as small as a pin head. Then something extraordinary happened......two gases collided creating a terrific explosion. The universe grew. From as tiny as a pinhead to the universe we live in now. The universe still didn't have planets until the remains off the gases spun round creating the Earth and many other planets. So from as small as a pinhead to a countless number of miles long! Now you know all about the universe.
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