Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Japan is suffering its worst disaster since world war2. The 8.9 magnitude Earthquake that struck on Friday morning at 4:45 am U.K time left damage and destruction in Japan. Japan is used to Earthquakes as Japan sits on the ring of fire, ten minutes after the Earthquake a giant tsunami hit the coast of Japan. The wave came in and washed away whole city's destroying anything in its path. People ran for there lives but there speed wasn't fast enough to escape the raging torrents of water. The tsunami hit New Zealand ,which has only just recovered its own quake,the U.S.A ,Chile and loads more.

One day later the crisis continued fires raged all threw the night. The next day there was a radiation leak at Fukishima power plant. There was also a gigantic explosion at the power station thousands fled to places just above twelve miles away to escape the danger. Later that terrible day there was another tsunami carrying rubble and all sorts of stuff only this time the effects weren't as worse as Fridays terrible crisis that left Japan in complete and utter devastation.

Today there was another explosion at Fukishima number three. There was another radiation leak. The people of Tokyo is are going about there daily business unlike Sendai were people are in shelters because there homes have been destroyed. There was also a second Earthquake but no tsunami fortunately. Reports off 10,000 people from a fishing port have lost there life's because of the tsunami. A rescue mission from 45 country s including Great Britain .

The Earthquake is one of the top five on the Earthquake list iat a staggering 8.9 on the Richter scale according to scientists. Japan a country use to Earthquakes and tsunamis has learnt the power of nature... It was just a normal Friday until a giant big black cloud hovered over the land. How can a normal day turn into such a terrific disaster? Japan has changed forever.

By Djdoctorwho
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