the sport this week in bpl

Big night for Liverpool as they beat Manchester united 3-1. All of the goals were scored by no 18 dirk kuyt and it was no7 Luis suarez tha helped him score all of them.

Also arsenal got beat Manchester united in the fa cup 2-0 after their 3-1 defeat by Barcelona

aston villa also got beat by Manchester city in the f.a. Cup 3-0 unlucky for aston villa another defeat was at hand when they lost to Bolton wanderers 3-2

Birmingham city beat a Hong Kong team in a friendly 3-1 then just 3 days later they beat Beijing just only 1-0

wolves suprinsingly drew with tottenham in the premier league 3-3 but they are still in the relegation zone.

Everton got beat by reading in the f.a cup by 1-0 ,then 4 days after their defeat they had another defeat this by a 2-1 by newcastle.they are 9th in the premier league

w.b.a beat carling cup winners Birmingham city with a surprisingly 3-1 w.b.a go from out of the relegation zone
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