Part A: Exploring the arts as a participant pt.2

I have completed the challenge, as I performed in Vicky's concert in the 2nd half, and I feel like I did better than I did last year!

I really enjoyed listening to her other students perform, that was very interesting. Also, I enjoyed playing 2nd Hungarian Rhapsody, that was fun.

I got better at performing in front of other people, I usually don't like to because I get scared about what they would think about my playing. But this time, I think the audience really enjoyed my performance!

I found carrying on when I made mistakes difficult because I panicked a little bit, and I wasn't sure weather to stop, start again or just to keep calm and carry on! Luckily, after a few mistakes, the pieces went fine.

I'd like to perform again because I felt really proud afterwards! I had worked really hard to prepare for the concert, and I felt a sense of satisfaction and achievement after I had performed!
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