In our school, year 5 have a mother and daughter thing called MOSAIC. What we do there is, spend time with our mums! We will learn lots of things. The lessons the role play of women in the world, our role models, trying our best, pathways to our future, to be confident, what makes a good citizen and to build your ideal community. After these lessons we'll go to a leading university and get graduated in a ceremony and have a photo!!!

About Mosaic:
Mosaic is a mission to create opportunities for young people- championed by Muslims and harnessing the power of positive thinking.

Mosaic works towards a more integrated and thriving society where all individuals, regardless of background, are supported in realizing their potential. Mosaic founded HRH The price of Wales and convened in November 2007 by business in the community, one of the prince's charities, to challenge growing concern around the issues facing young Muslims living in deprived areas of Britain.
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