Part D: Arts Apprenticeship first plan+chosen idea

(I typed this up on paper a while ago)

I have chosen to organise a concert for the students in year eight who are grade 2+ to perform in, and their parents and friends will come to watch. I have chosen this because I am going to organise it with my friend Zoë, this way we can have more people involved in the concert, and they can have more performing time. Also, I chose a concert with performers from my year, because it is a good way to communicate what work we have already done for our award, and what the award is all about.

Before I start, I need to make a list of all the grade 2+ performers in our year. Then we will pick out the instruments that will be able to perform (i.e. keyboards won’t be very practical to get on/off stage, neither will electric guitars nor amps.) We then will need to pick a date for the concert, then call all of the selected musicians together and find out who can make the date. From there, it will be organising rehearsals, making programmes and posters, and sending out invitations!

I feel nervous, because there will be so much to organise! But at least I’m working with Zoë, because then we can share our skills to help the performers, (she plays the flute and piano and used to have vocal lessons, so she can help the flautists tune up whilst I help the clarinettists, etc.)

There are loads of things that could go wrong; people not turning up to rehearsals, forgetting music, and worst of all- no one turning up in the audience! But hopefully, it will all be fine.

The people I will be working with are responsible for turning up to rehearsals and the concert, and remembering their music! I also hope that they will come to me and Zoë if they need any help.

I am responsible for pretty much everything! Even though I’m going to be working with Zoë, we will still check through and review everything together, so we both know what’s happening.

I’m looking forward to it because it will be a challenge, as it gives us a chance to be independent and do everything by ourselves. Also, we have both participated in plenty of concerts before, but never actually organised one!
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