Welcome to Reporter Reviews!!!

Hi everyone and welcome to Radiowaves new review network, Reporter Reviews. This is your space to tell
us what you like and why you’d recommend it to others.

What do you
think of the new Disney film? Which album do you think should be number one?
Which is better: Alton Towers or Thorpe
Park? We want to hear
what you think!
looking for reporters to write ‘tried and tested’ reviews about all sorts of
things including books, films, games,
gadgets, places to go, websites, events
and music. The things that you talk about in school and all seem to
have opinions and views about!
You can
choose anything to review or if you have a wish list of items you would like to
review then send it through to us and we’ll see what we can do in getting our
hands on it for you. 

Send any wish lists
through to Christina or Michelle at christina.thomas@makewav.es
or michelle.adamson@makewav.es

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