22nd June 2011

Hindleap Warren 1st July!!!!!!!!!

Me and my class yr5 are finally going to Hindleap Warren!For all of you who don't know what Hindleap Warren is well it is a very fun place you go were you do activities like climb ropes and all sorts of fun stuff. Some of t is messy!and you get to stay in this place were there's a boy side and a girl side only boys on the boys side and girls on the girls side.But that's for when were in year 6 we get to stay for a week but this time were only going for a day to check it out when I find out more I will tell you all and the activities we done and have to do in yr 6 . Because I don't know much of the activities so that's why I'll tell you so thanks it's next week soooooo excited see u bye!!!!!!!!!!!
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