The first day of the summer holidays

How was your day?
Mine was great fun, my gran and papa took me and my little brother out for a bike ride we had a wicked time out and we made up a couple of races on the way. And by lunch time I was getting hungry and so was everyone else. So my gran and papa took us out for lunch. We went to the withaspoonse's resonant, me and my brother both had FISH AND CHIPS YEM! My Gran had lasanayera and my Papa had stake pie. We all didn't have pudding because there was a to big of a queue. But instead my Gran said that we could have an ice cream on the way home and eat them going through the park. We all got a magnum classic, when we got to the first park bench we all started to lick! My brother said to me "let's go and explore" I agreed with him so we went and started to explore. A while after that, when we got home my brother and me were so worn out that we crashed out on the chairs in about 2 minutes.

Well that was my first day of the summer holidays
What was yours?
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