The X Factor

After all the 'interesting' auditions, bootcamp was born. They came in their thousand's, and only 187 people made it. After looking back on the audition's, the judges, ( Kelly Rowland, Tulisa, Gary Barlow and Louis Walsh) they discovered that some of the auditionee's didn't deserve to be there. Over 40 people were kicked off. The remaining people were put into random groups. They were given a song to sing in front of the judges at Wembley arena. Some group's didnt fit together at all like the Lovettes but the one's that did were fantastic like the Key's and the Vibe. Frankie Ozza and Kitty Bucknell were getting a little bit diva-ish. Some people were trying too hard to be like other singer's like Janet Devlin as she sounded a lot like Ellie Goulding. The second day of bootcamp the judges found out which group's they would be mentoring. Louis Walsh got the over 25's AGAIN and for the judge's houses they will be gong to Barcelona. Kelly Rowland got the girls and they will be going to Miami, Gary Barlow got the boys and they will be going to Los Angeles and Tulisa got the groups and they will go to Greece. So,
Its time. To face. The music!
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