My special dream!

My dream all started I was walking down my dark ,gloomy corridor which looked like it was painted black, when suddenly I slipped and I went through the soft ground!

All of a sudden I landed on an exotic, beatifull, amazing island! i walked up to the seewhilst the burning, massive, hot sun shon on me! I stepped into the water and it was really cold, relaxing and cool!

Splash! Some dolphin came out and took me for a ride they took me on a long ride! suddenly the dolphin showed me everything in the sea!

It was really lovely and I could see all the colourful fish and the dak green sea weed! then I saw a shark aaahhh we had to make run!

Bump! I woke up it was all a dream thankfully I thought! then I remembered that I we were driving back from the sea side, so i started to talk to m sister!!

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