The X Factor

Recently, the contestants arrived at the judges houses. Miami, Greece, Barcelona, L.A. 32 contestants got through and it had to get cut down to 16! All of them had to perform in front of the judges and their guest. When they all performed it was a long, hard and stressful decision. After no's and yes's and "i want you in a group" 's, the 16 people are through to the live shows! Some contestants are the people we didn't want to go through and some are the people we love. We dislike Frankie Cocozza and Kitty Brucknell, but we love Marcus Collins and James Michael! Charlie Bird, who is in Two Shoes, announced she was four months pregnant with a little boy who she might name after one of the judges! Best of luck to her! That was your X Factor update for this week!
By Jaffa Cakes211 and DJ HipHop20!
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