A load of Gobbledygook

Hi, yes it's me here. Me writing, so loads of people can read it and think, what a wierdo. Well its not just me who has been overcome with wierdyness. 29 degrees in October?! Enough said there. If you said that to me this January, I would have told you to go and get your head sorted out. But instead it was my wardrobe which needed sorting out. My navy blue Wooly hat, lovely rouge arsenal scarf, big green gloves and last but not least my big grey cardigan (sounds like an abnormal rainbow). Yes I was now right out of tune with mother nature. Instead of seeing the smoky fog of my own breath, I was visualising plumes of smoke rising from the barbecue sets from the people of Walthamstow.

So now I've finished ranting, I'll start writing on a random subject which is close to my heart (also known as a blog).

Hows everyone settling into their new academic year ?
Good to hear!
Well mine has been a rollercoaster, swings & roundabouts, back and forth, well you get the point. It all started with a big bang (not the big bang, that was millions or billions of years ago). I lost my ID card, don't panic (I know your not) After a few weeks of plain boring brainstorming and premiscuing, I suddenly found myself with tons of work to do (heavy!). Me and my pen would dance across a page so fast that my hand would pulsate so hard that i could feel it!

Yeah, I do't really want to blagg on too much so I'll stop write there, see you soon voyeurs of the blog world and have a safe journey from here to the google search box on the top right hand corner of your page.

Bye Bye.
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