The X Factor

This week the contestants performed live. It was epic. There was also a big twist. each of the judges must send home one of their own acts. Kelly Rowland has Janet Devlin-I dislike her very much. Amelia lily who is a total rockchic we love her, Sophie Habibis... Emmm, she was ok..., Misha B- who ruined her performance by rapping. Tulisa has- Rythmix- who were quite good, Nu Vibe- who rapped, again, I dislike that. The Risk who were good but not with the rapping! Two Shoes- who are so amazingly funny! and Charley in two shoes, is having a little shoe! Gary Brlow has Marcus Collins- who is just plain amazing, Frankie Cocozza- who cannot sing at all and should never wear eyeliner again! Craig Colten- who was okay, and James Michael- who was very boring. And Finally, Louis Walsh had Kitty Brucknell- who I think everyone hates, Sami Brookes- who KILLED her performance last night, and Johnny Robinson- who, I think he's very weird and Again HE SHOULD NEVER HAVE NAILPOLISH ON AGAIN!!!!!! Amelia Lily was our favourite cause she rocked out to a Billie Jean remix, leave in the comments your favourite!
That was your X Factor update and there will be more next week!
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