100 BLOGS!

It has been very hard. It has been fun. It has been a great laugh. It just has been a brilliant time of what I have done. I have done something that only a few people on Radiowaves have done. Something I thought that was impossible but I have achieved it. It is 100 blogs!

You might not be able to believe it but I have actually done it. Some of you will think that I have achieved nothing as some of you have nearly wrote twice as much as and you are probably right but some people have just wrote about two blogs and they may want to know how I got to 100 blogs and I want to tell you in just a few words. I got to 100 blogs by inspiration of things around me everywhere I go. That is all. It might not seem a lot to you but that is all to me. I hope you do get what I mean.

Now I think that I should close my blog and I hope that you all have some information to help you like it helped me from my teacher. I might be in secondary old but I have the same imagination as a six-year-old, goodbye.
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