The Weekend!!!!

The weekend was soooo fun. I had the best weekend ever. I was a bit nervous meeting everyone but I soon made friends with some people and one of the leaders put me into a giggling fit within 15 minutes of entering the room for the first time, that must be a record!!! I knew it would be hard work but I wasn't dreading it, I was really excited. I didn't sleep well for the whole week before!!! I loved going up the London eye, dinner, meeting everyone, vox poxing people. Just about everything. One of the girls next to me at dinner went a bit hyper and she was sharing a room with me but she calmed down after a while and went to sleep in a second while it took me ages. I really enjoyed the whole weekend and can't wait to November. I really liked the painting 'Gassed', I really couldn't believe it was so big. I enjoyed looking round 'In mermorium'. I'm going to the Imperial war museum at half term, it's in the diary!!! For some reason I enjoyed the photo shot and you can all leave comments if you think I'm mad!!!
A big thank you to all the leaders for letting me go on this trip. It's was the best weekend ever.
Also a thank you to my history teacher who told me all about it. I wouldn't be here without her.
See/hear froom all of you all soon
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