The Anfield tour

On Wensday I went on the Anfield tour. Before we went on the tour I got the new Liverpool 3rd kit. I also got my picture taking with the replica Campion league thophy. After that I went to the museum. I saw the key to the Shankly gates, one of the laening post of the old Kop and the Eroupa lregue thophy. When the tour started we went into the press conference room. We got told that the press conference room was the boot room. Next we went into the home dressing room. It had all the players shirt. We walked passed the this is Anfield sign. When we got into the dug out it was close to the other dugout that they only had stairs to separate them. Then we went in the kop. The kop is named after a hill. Then the tour was over. I liked it. I would like to go again.
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