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This blog is going 2 b about sk8boarding in general, I no there must be someone out there that will read this blog. Stay tuned 4 more info.

Hello, this is an introduction to my blog about skateboarding, you will get all the skateboarding news from new deck releases, new skaters signed, new world records, new wheels, new trucks, new companies /teams. There will also be news on new skate parks in Scotland. I’m doing this blog for fun and to let everyone know about what’s going in the world of skateboarding.

I will probably be focusing on Plan B because it’s my favourite skate company and they’re awesome. I’ve got a Plan B deck with Silver trucks and FLIP wheels (I can’t remember what size the wheels are). I buy all my stuff from Kaos in Blantyre. Kaos is awesome, its probably the best skate shops in Scotland and I know its one of the only in Scotland.

The new indoor skate park in East Kilbride called the EKPark is now open but not completely finished. I’ve been there about 4 times, twice when it was only just open and the foam pit wasn’t built and twice after the foam pit was built. It’s a great skate park and you should really check it out.

Remember, stay tuned for more information!
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