The X Factor

On Saturday, the contestants sang Halloween themed song's. We all enjoyed Dermot O'Leary's little dance at the start too! Kelly Rowland was off sick, so Alexandra Burke, who won in 2008, stood in for her. The Risk sang Thriller with their new member Ashford, as their previous member Ashley, quit on short notice as it just wasn't his cup of tea! Which is a shame as they were good together. Another one of Tulisa's groups Rythmix, also had a troublesome week as they had to change their name because there was allready a charity in London called Rythmix. So they are now called Little Mix! In the result show, the last three were Misha B, Sophie Habibis ( who are both in Kelly's group ) and Frankie Cocozza. We both hoped it would be Sophie against Frankie but no, he got through. And sadly, Sophie was voted out. Cher Lloyd and Nicole Sherzinger performed their new single's last night too. That was your X Factor update.
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