Nature is there for us all the time,so we need to show some respect for nature. Trees give us oxygen to breathe and we give the trees carbon dioxide so that the trees can breathe. Without trees we would not be here. And if we pollute the world with rubbish,and not follow the 3 R rules and respect nature,we would vanish and everything else would too,because sometimes,some people do not understand this,so they just chop down trees,kill animals and forget about the extinct animals,because they only want more money and they are greedy for money,very greedy!It's still not to late to change your mind! If you love animals,you wouldn't want them to vanish now would you? Think about your pets if you have them. You should know that humans are animals.Strange but true.And we are the most vicious creatures ever to live on this planet.Animals like snakes and sharks,they aren't dangerous! They just attack to defend themselves.And some animals can save our lives.So stop the planet becoming nothing.SAVE THE WORLD BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!