The X Factor

On Saturday it was movie theme week. Each contestant sang a song from a famous movie. The favourite of everyone that night was Little Mix. Our favourite was Marcus Collins (as usual) and (as usual) we didnt like Misha and Janet. But we feel sorry for Misha because she had a bad week. As you all know, Misha has been brought up by her Auntie, and recently, her birth mother wrote to the papers and magazines showing that she wanted to keep in contact! We think it is to gain fame as Misha is in the papers a lot but anyway back to the show.
On Sunday Rihanna and Rebecca Ferguson performed their new songs and in the bottom two was Amelia Lily, (BIG SHOCK) and Craig Colten. (NOT VERY BIG SHOCK) Although we all love Craig, he wasn't the best that night. We thought it was Gary Barlows fault for choosing the wrong song for him. Craig sung Licence to Kill from a James Bond movie. Poor Craig.
That was your X Factor update.
See you next week!
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